Sunday, November 10, 2013


you made one revision/ a circumstantial indecision/ acting on the very actions/ that you once considered main attractions/ now they're the reason for your disposition/ despising your own exposition/ there is no reason/ there is no reason for your discontent/ there are no faults/ no faults to repent/ there are no means/ no means to resent

misplaced and out of shape/ out of touch and laid to waste/ by the very souls/ you once controlled/ it's funny how we all create/ a different time, a different place/ while the future holds its own toll/ the road ahead is misconstrued/ you can travel through/ but only for a price/ forget the course you thought you knew/ that was my best advice/ the advice you threw/ there is no vice/ to subdue you

- afm

Monday, November 4, 2013

Coffin Nail

Use me like a cigarette.
Let my chemicals affect you.
Inhale my toxins as you burn me down.

Disregard the open threats.
Embrace my gentle decadence.
There lies no caution where cares cannot be found.

One final puff
Then you can snuff me
In the ground.

- afm