Sunday, May 31, 2009


If your intent to condemn the buzzing of the bees be nothing more than a false threat, I recommend you fuse a grain of salt with a broomstick betel and a rusty teakettle. Before you decide it be scrappy blunt metal, toss the tarnished salt seed by a wallowing tree to see if the grime and muck will swallow it up and snuggle it deep 'tween roots, dead fruit, and catacomb leaves. From here with caution you must warily proceed as seeds and leaves start to breed and weave. They twist and kiss unable to resist the uplifting of girth from the still, cold earth. In a deadly dance their romance persists until the once mucky grime miraculously climbs from the state of extinct to the state of exist!

- Alexander McCurdy

Saturday, May 23, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 14


Five five five five five alternate endings, but which one is right? Top shelf, bottom shelf, and three other entities with unknown identities. Two sapphire eyes intertwined with mud and gunk and girth and yuck and yum and yes I like that very much so, so swim between the electric fence and the gears that teeth on skin scraped knees. Rotate, rotate, one false turn will turn the outsides like milk to butter: burning, sweltering, melting skin scraped knees. Churn, churn churning machines: eighteen obscenities. I know these underwater routines have lasted longer than minutes thrice, three three three so how come I breathe? Obstacles-a-plenty, eighteen to twenty, and I cannot remember why I left the rest outside when I'm the one swimming for a prolific tamale when I know there is no ingredient after unraveling the corn covered sheath, but there is a power and a reason to replace the beef. How very neat, but to read is treason and surely I'd sink unless this tamale is retrieved to its not so proper owner, the illustrious lead. Dr. Hidden has returned to claim his name as HE and HIM or The One Whom Shan't Be Named as if HE never came came came camera! No, wait. This is not the right time to contemplate, so turn turn turn back around before real time runs out, and bodies are stuck underground, underwater, under too many mistakes. too late too late too late There is no time. There is no knowing. There is only renounced faith, and a decision to deliver or decide to debate. Give in! Hand over the tamale, sea rover.
Give in
to HIM!

Mission complete, but not accomplished. Instead I demolished all hope of escaping this spherical, shaky frame. Am I insane? No, merely enslaved to the chain of obscurity with no domain of security or purity proclaimed.

BANG! A shot rings out from hand distance away, but it is HER hand that saves me. red red red SHE saves me from death, but HER yarn unravels to a question marked thread: could HER be HIM all along? Wait, I know this song!

*Red Hands - The Dear Hunter*

ALEX: She plays pretend. Well, I have figured you out, top shelf! I caught on to your trend!

____: But there are four more ways for this story to end.


How deceitful, my friend, when you defended my life, but now you cannot lend a helping hand until that hand mends, or is that what you had planned?

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy

Friday, May 22, 2009

within my busty dwelling

across the open sea i see the water spawning coral reefs hung up for christmas back in twenty-three at least that is what i am led to believe but i do not really have a clue or an idea that is not preconceived by someone else's calligraphy these letters all seem to be spiraling connected by the a's and b's of immanency purging life itself into my busty dwelling but never telling whether it's the correct spelling or if my forehead is fortune telling a more compelling tale of arks and shells the forecast foretells a casting spell sent above the blue areas of this map the mangy masts and harbored bows have rowed against these seven seas for seven laps but i cannot find the rusted rod to make mankind forever nod in my own name in my facade and now i lost my swimming cap

it was all a trap

- Alexander McCurdy

Sunday, May 17, 2009

a star is born

roll out the red carpet pull out the head star kit cut slit after slit in your once formal dress dress to undress your bare chest will impress the obsessed problematic of the hollywood tar pit
you mangled mess of a farm pet i bet you like harm since they held down your arms in the chickenhearted barn and savored your sweat with each thrusting threat
eighteen thousand dollars more and you still see a whore in the stands of new york's most fashionable stores on the flashy front spread you read what they said, "all of this for nothing more than nightmares galore nightmares galore!"
until you're nothing more than a pitiless pet drowned in debt of forgotten regret

- Alexander McCurdy

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wait, Hate, LOL!

Some common sayings that have been getting on my nerves recently:
  1. "I can't wait..."
  2. "I hate..."
  3. "LOL!"
1. Anytime people get antsy or excited in regard to something that requires a countdown, waiting is not an option; it is essential. For instance, the new Regina Spektor album will be released next month. Many people respond to her blog stating, "I can't wait for your new album!" Well, you dumb fucks, you're just gonna have to.

2. There is no way that people can possibly contain all of the "hate" they express. Much like the word "love," I think that people overuse and misuse this word all too often. Stop saying you hate things, people. I hate that!

3. If we are talking online or via text messages and I say something humorous that does NOT make you literally "Laugh Out Loud," stop writing it. It is a waste of time for you to type and for me to read. Whether I made you giggle or not is a pretty silly thing to lie about.

Conclusion: For one reason or another I felt obligated to write something tonight, but I have nothing of any importance to share with you.

- Alex McCurdy

ps. I can't wait for this writer's block to be over. I hate it. LOL!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

S1k F@Tt!3 (LOUDER)!

get all you wanted before i fool you in/ i'm cold inside/ if you just call my name then i will be inside/ you commented on this for too long/ i'll thank you when i'm gone/ but i'll be damned if i thank you for loving me/ if you call then say you will be by my side/ right by your side/ collecting and commentating/ i'd burn alive for the devil/ connecting with the liar/ you won't be coming out/ i'd burn a light for handel/ you want this conformity to breathe/ you want this community to seize/ you want this calamity to cease/ coming after you i'll be your flag/ counting after all to rescue me/ im coming after you/ i'll be yours but i won't be free until you see/ that This is God

- Alex McCurdy

ps. no need to turn it up this time, but please, use your headjunks: TUNES

Saturday, May 9, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 13

Birds are irritating.


____: To be honest, I am not exactly sure what is wrong with you.

ALEX: It is fine. Certainly not the first time someone has come to that conclusion.

____: What did the doctors say?

ALEX: Aside from you? Oh, just the usual: You have a mild case of this, a mild case of that. Try this medicine, try that medicine. Hell, try both.

____: They did not, really?!

ALEX: Well, all but the last one, yes.

____: Your brain is ruthless.

ALEX: Ruthlessly counting sheep and repeating, "My eyes are getting heavy."

____: I am guessing warm milk does not help, either.

ALEX: No, but add some Hershey's syrup, and you will be my favorite doctor.

____: I am not sure if the pharmacy carries that prescription. Seriously though, I believe this is deeper than we're making it out to be.

ALEX: Something psychological you mean? Hah! And all this time you genuinely thought I was thoroughly intrigued by your ceiling.

____: Okay, okay. Let me work. Are you sad?


____: You're never sad? What an amazing treat that must be.

ALEX: You never asked never, so I assumed you meant presently. Had you asked, "Have I ever been sad," I would have responded truthfully then, as well. Also, I do not find sorrow to be a burden. If I never had the privilege to experience "sad" that would be no treat at all. A good trick, though.

____: Oh, my. Sometimes I think we should both be lying down.

ALEX: No, no, no. We should both be standing up. It is the people outside who need rest.

____: Rest. Good, let us get back to the point. When do you usually fall asleep?

ALEX: 5-ish. Roughly. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

____: Lovely. Just in time for the birds.

ALEX: And the sun.

____: The sun. Do you think that you find it easier to sleep once you know that the day is coming?

ALEX: What do you mean? I always know there is a tomorrow.

____: No you don't. You shared with me your thoughts about the afterlife. You said that people are too busy worrying about the next life when in actuality they should be more concerned with the life that is right in front of them, did you not?

ALEX: Not verbatim.

____: I am not a poet, but something similar, yes?

ALEX: Yes. I believe in certainty.

____: Well, tomorrow is not a certainty, Alex. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone. Perhaps, you can only sleep once you are forced to face the day; once it is right in front of you.

ALEX: I thought you weren't a poet.

____: I guess I didn't know it.

ALEX: Doctor Cornball, ladies and gentlemen. Good show, though.

____: Do I win a prize?

ALEX: Yes, by the hour to be exact. Sad thing is, Doctor, you solved the puzzle, but did not bother to put it together.

____: Off the record, I like this puzzle better when apart.


Cars are noisy.

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 12


____: Who are you?

ALEX: I am Alex... Alex McCurdy.

____: That is just a name. Who are you?

ALEX: You once told me a name is all I have.

____: A name is all you have, but only if it is printed on an 11x8 sheet of paper. Do you have one?

ALEX: Well, no, I don't.

____: How much money do you have to your name?

ALEX: What does that have to do with who I am?

____: Paper. Money is paper.

ALEX: Is all of my worth on paper?

____: Yes. Why else would children care about Pokemon cards? Do they ever use them to battle? Rarely. If so, what do they win?

ALEX: Paper?

____: Exactly. More shiny, fictitious monsters on cardboard, more passed consonances, more 11x8 name tags. Paper, Alex McCurdy. All of your worth is on paper.

ALEX : Well, what about my mind? My mind is not on paper.

____: Why, yes it is. What does your mind produce? Thoughts. Where do you share your thoughts? In this blog. What is this blog to you? An online journal. What is the main difference between an online journal and a regular one?

ALEX: Paper.

____: Precisely. This screen is your paper, Alex McCurdy.

ALEX: So it is worth something?

____: No. Sorry if i mislead you regardless of reason. I merely got carried away. Unfortunately, though, this inter-webbed paper will not grant you any tangible thing. People will not trade this for anything greater. You are limiting yourself to only one kind of paper, when in reality you need all kinds.

ALEX: Well, I still have my Pokemon cards.

____: You are joking.

ALEX: In what regard?

____: Feel free to own them, but if you literally think those papers will earn you more papers, you better cross your fingers that some deranged Japanese child will be willing to make an exchange.

ALEX: For rarer Pokemon cards?!

____: Your joking ensues.

ALEX: I have not learned anything since I started writing this. I have not gotten anywhere - mentally or physically. I still do not know who I am.

____: At least it is all on pa...

*Firefox has encountered a problem and is shutting down*

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy

Friday, May 1, 2009

Praying For You

Sunlight/ is creeping/ under the corners and the cracks/ of my/ mind's door/ Let three feet in and step down/ to the bottom shelf/ That's where I'll let you lie/ Richer Darling/ ten bucks says you've never felt alive/ It's too late/ to go/ creeping back into the light/ Meet me on the top flight/ I just might change your mind/ Oh, Darling/ I never thought that/ you would ever have the guts/ to be pushing me aside/ The heart was the muck/ that had your little head stuck/ on my demise/ I'm praying for you to see/ the good in me/ Like waste/ from emptied files/ your waist is/ replaced by another taste/ another empty smile/ Take this hand/ cradled thin/ and butterflies/ will hail "fin"/ I'm not praying for you to see/ the good in me

- Alex McCurdy