Saturday, May 23, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 14


Five five five five five alternate endings, but which one is right? Top shelf, bottom shelf, and three other entities with unknown identities. Two sapphire eyes intertwined with mud and gunk and girth and yuck and yum and yes I like that very much so, so swim between the electric fence and the gears that teeth on skin scraped knees. Rotate, rotate, one false turn will turn the outsides like milk to butter: burning, sweltering, melting skin scraped knees. Churn, churn churning machines: eighteen obscenities. I know these underwater routines have lasted longer than minutes thrice, three three three so how come I breathe? Obstacles-a-plenty, eighteen to twenty, and I cannot remember why I left the rest outside when I'm the one swimming for a prolific tamale when I know there is no ingredient after unraveling the corn covered sheath, but there is a power and a reason to replace the beef. How very neat, but to read is treason and surely I'd sink unless this tamale is retrieved to its not so proper owner, the illustrious lead. Dr. Hidden has returned to claim his name as HE and HIM or The One Whom Shan't Be Named as if HE never came came came camera! No, wait. This is not the right time to contemplate, so turn turn turn back around before real time runs out, and bodies are stuck underground, underwater, under too many mistakes. too late too late too late There is no time. There is no knowing. There is only renounced faith, and a decision to deliver or decide to debate. Give in! Hand over the tamale, sea rover.
Give in
to HIM!

Mission complete, but not accomplished. Instead I demolished all hope of escaping this spherical, shaky frame. Am I insane? No, merely enslaved to the chain of obscurity with no domain of security or purity proclaimed.

BANG! A shot rings out from hand distance away, but it is HER hand that saves me. red red red SHE saves me from death, but HER yarn unravels to a question marked thread: could HER be HIM all along? Wait, I know this song!

*Red Hands - The Dear Hunter*

ALEX: She plays pretend. Well, I have figured you out, top shelf! I caught on to your trend!

____: But there are four more ways for this story to end.


How deceitful, my friend, when you defended my life, but now you cannot lend a helping hand until that hand mends, or is that what you had planned?

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy


hayley said...
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Alex McCurdy said...

fuck Hairy Paughter!

hayley said...
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Connie said...

i'm too shallow for the alex show. what happened to the penguin?

Alex McCurdy said...

Linguini was lost during the move from CA - MD. im sure he's somewhere.