Wednesday, May 13, 2009

S1k F@Tt!3 (LOUDER)!

get all you wanted before i fool you in/ i'm cold inside/ if you just call my name then i will be inside/ you commented on this for too long/ i'll thank you when i'm gone/ but i'll be damned if i thank you for loving me/ if you call then say you will be by my side/ right by your side/ collecting and commentating/ i'd burn alive for the devil/ connecting with the liar/ you won't be coming out/ i'd burn a light for handel/ you want this conformity to breathe/ you want this community to seize/ you want this calamity to cease/ coming after you i'll be your flag/ counting after all to rescue me/ im coming after you/ i'll be yours but i won't be free until you see/ that This is God

- Alex McCurdy

ps. no need to turn it up this time, but please, use your headjunks: TUNES

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