Friday, May 15, 2009

Wait, Hate, LOL!

Some common sayings that have been getting on my nerves recently:
  1. "I can't wait..."
  2. "I hate..."
  3. "LOL!"
1. Anytime people get antsy or excited in regard to something that requires a countdown, waiting is not an option; it is essential. For instance, the new Regina Spektor album will be released next month. Many people respond to her blog stating, "I can't wait for your new album!" Well, you dumb fucks, you're just gonna have to.

2. There is no way that people can possibly contain all of the "hate" they express. Much like the word "love," I think that people overuse and misuse this word all too often. Stop saying you hate things, people. I hate that!

3. If we are talking online or via text messages and I say something humorous that does NOT make you literally "Laugh Out Loud," stop writing it. It is a waste of time for you to type and for me to read. Whether I made you giggle or not is a pretty silly thing to lie about.

Conclusion: For one reason or another I felt obligated to write something tonight, but I have nothing of any importance to share with you.

- Alex McCurdy

ps. I can't wait for this writer's block to be over. I hate it. LOL!


hayley said...
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Connie said...

i snickered outloud when i read your last sentence. g'job.

k said...

i will never stop hating things alex. i feel like that section is mostly directed at me.. maybe not all, but at least some. mwuhahahahhah