Sunday, May 31, 2009


If your intent to condemn the buzzing of the bees be nothing more than a false threat, I recommend you fuse a grain of salt with a broomstick betel and a rusty teakettle. Before you decide it be scrappy blunt metal, toss the tarnished salt seed by a wallowing tree to see if the grime and muck will swallow it up and snuggle it deep 'tween roots, dead fruit, and catacomb leaves. From here with caution you must warily proceed as seeds and leaves start to breed and weave. They twist and kiss unable to resist the uplifting of girth from the still, cold earth. In a deadly dance their romance persists until the once mucky grime miraculously climbs from the state of extinct to the state of exist!

- Alexander McCurdy


hayley said...
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Alex McCurdy said...

in response to your ps, HAHAHAHAHAH! no.