Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Bring your dancing shoes. There's a song in my head."

"To the JackieMobile, AWAY!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 15

In my failed attempt to cancel "The Alex Show" last week, I sadly realized it is not my place to cut this show, but the producers. They write the scripts, They hire the actors, They call the shots. The only way I could take matters into my own hands is by cutting myself off from Them - but how can I do this when They can track me wherever I go? These ears are merely microphones for the world to hear the world through me. These eyes are solely used as videocameras for any viewer to visualize life from my point of view. I cannot even imagine what my mind is to Them - hopefully nothing more than a thought inferred or a voice unheard - and I can only pray that my soul not be as wholly as my eyes seem solely, or as merest a joy as the dearest of noises transferred.

To get back to the point, I did come to one final conclusion... and it is just that: one final conclusion. If I were to conclude my own existence, then "The Alex Show" would cease to continue (or at least its ratings would plummet). It would not be like Final Fantasy where it has 87 bagillion sequels. After all, you cannot have the "final" of anything twice, let alone thirteen times. That negates the whole purpose of it being final! You need not worry, though. There are always spin-offs, and if you learned anything from the concept film you should know that there is always something else to watch on television.

Regardless of the incessant alterations They force into my life for Their (and your own) selfish entertainment/fulfillment, I do not think I could ever commit to such a statement. If the only way to get back at someone is to hurt yourself, then no one wins. Besides, the role of a rotting corpse is not for me. I smell far too delicious for that. In conclusion (but not in my conclusion), "The Alex Show" will not be taken off the air on my account. You're fuckin' welcome.

to (irritably) be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This Vast Divide

i wrote/recorded a new song using the words from a blog i posted earlier this week.

you can find it and other songs of mine here: alex mccurdy tunes

hope you dig it

- alex

Thursday, July 16, 2009

the translating process

silence is compounded into mold
and is held closely together
in the weathered impound
of jagged ground
whether or not the weather is hot
moss does not grow on these rocks
but on moist surfaces
bare and cold
before morning rises
and sets in
like dew on the blades
of the nether shade


words cannot contact walls
so there is no sound
just a hand movement
a profound expression
and the obsession
to understand
and more importantly
be understood


two rocks below the shore
both of equal size and weight
and height and age
do not grow together
but separate
from every whirl of wind
and strike of water
until they are nothing more
than strangers
and unmoved by the fact
that they will never know each other again
that they will never know each other before
that they will only know the ball and chain of
squall and grain below the shore

and nothing more
than that

- Alexander McCurdy

this vast divide

how did i reach the top floor of this castle
representing an unrelenting sense of pride?
now bid my dense portrayal within this hassle
off to the curator beneath this vast divide

in your pocket there is a bride
a prize for your mantel for you to dismantle
tonight, tonight, tonight
doctor jekyll, you did not realize
your fire is speckled

with bits of monster hyde
with bits of monster hyde

how did i revel at the devil's desire
to start a flame atop the stove?
i held the match, he blew his nose
and my flaming ego arose
so exposed so exposed

in your pocket there is a bride
a prize for your mantel for you to dismantle
tonight, tonight, tonight
doctor jekyll, you did not realize

your fire is speckled
with bits of monster hyde
with bits of monster hyde

provocation is to tickle
as arousal is to kindle

so show your fake colors
wear them proudly and restrain
from ever climbing up the tower
to where the castle remains
beyond this vast divide
that you cast aside

- Alexander McCurdy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

all of this time in motion

all of this time in motion
to see us off
the catacombs on walls
are succumbed into the minds of drunks
all of this time in motion
i sink beneath these notions
you better send me off
before i unlock this war upon your world

and straddle down the heads of monks
i am the warden
the self-proclaimed heroine
on the tip of your tongue
in the cradle of your spoon
and by midnight till noon
you'll be gone gone gone
like a baby
three months in
caught on a hanger
gone too soon
all of this time in motion
i fake the songs of june
brought them down to words
spoken yet unheard

by the birds and water loons
so i herd you in like cattle
to escort you into battle
i am the slippery snake
i slither and snape
and rape and rattle

contagious cattle
to bedazzle the devil

who maybe may be
the spawn or baby
hooked from your womb
all of this time in motion
i resided in your tomb
but i was not safe
i was not sound
i was merely consumed

- Alexander McCurdy

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Simple Safety Equation

A pedestal rests on the shoulders of a cage, rounded at the top and easily mistaken for a base. One cannot place anything upon it. Any contents will slip right off and under the fail-safe and into the realm of No One Truly Knows. Fail-safe. What a peculiar word. Dissect it, and see it as an oxymoron - unless we are taking it for its actual use: a secondary system to backup the primary system in case of failure. "Better safe than sorry," one might say, but I would not agree. No, safety has a limit, and if one were to make, say... a third backup system, then "safe" would automatically become "paranoid." Fail-paranoid. As stupid as it sounds, that is more like it. So long, oxymoron! More like a poly-moron. It is a simple equation, really:

safe + safe + safe = paranoid

Being cautious keeps you safe, and safe can be good, but paranoia is not as pleasant.