Wednesday, July 15, 2009

all of this time in motion

all of this time in motion
to see us off
the catacombs on walls
are succumbed into the minds of drunks
all of this time in motion
i sink beneath these notions
you better send me off
before i unlock this war upon your world

and straddle down the heads of monks
i am the warden
the self-proclaimed heroine
on the tip of your tongue
in the cradle of your spoon
and by midnight till noon
you'll be gone gone gone
like a baby
three months in
caught on a hanger
gone too soon
all of this time in motion
i fake the songs of june
brought them down to words
spoken yet unheard

by the birds and water loons
so i herd you in like cattle
to escort you into battle
i am the slippery snake
i slither and snape
and rape and rattle

contagious cattle
to bedazzle the devil

who maybe may be
the spawn or baby
hooked from your womb
all of this time in motion
i resided in your tomb
but i was not safe
i was not sound
i was merely consumed

- Alexander McCurdy

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Anonymous said...

baby eater