Monday, February 25, 2013

The Alex Show - Episode 50

ALEX: Pancakes are pointless in a world full of waffles.

Please tell me you aren't serious.

ALEX: Hey, all I'm saying is that one actually holds the syrup in place while the other lets it spill out.

_____: Life is messy.

ALEX: Sure, when you allow it, but if you have the means to avert it, then you should utilize them. In this case, we have waffle irons. It is far easier to make a waffle than a pancake.

_____: I don't like the idea of waffle irons.

ALEX: Why the heck not?

_____: I can make a pancake into any shape I desire. That's a privilege I do not wish to lose. I will not sacrifice my freedom for convenience.

ALEX: Sometimes you have to. Life is messy.

- afm

Friday, February 15, 2013

on the run

i find myself running/ looking over my shoulder/ when there's nobody chasing me/ is that the reason for why i'm looking/ am i afraid to be caught/ or am i afraid of the fact that/ no one is trying to catch me at all/ all at once reality strikes me/ a brazen epiphany/ a symphony blaring out the outside/ controlling my newfound stride/ i let the rhythm take me/ depict my emotions/ depict each movement/ as i move in and out of sync/ out of sync/ out of place/ out of touch/ this was all too much for me to digest/ so here i digress/ i digress/ i digress/ im so unimpressed with the lack of endurance/ that i thought i had gained/ throughout this grueling process/ stop and take a minute/ try to fixate on breathing/ try to dictate your breaths/ try to focus on what lies ahead/ not the distance/ in which to reach "success"/ try to keep your head high/ keep it light/ don't let the weight in your chest/ run you down/ past your feet/ to the ground/ where you can feel the weight of each step/ run you down/ run you down/ to the ground/ i've been running while turning/ while my feet were still burning/ to my heart's contest/ i run when i feel empty/ so i'm running on empty/ that's why every step/ is heavier than the last/ i need to rest/ i need a rest/ i need rest/ rest

- afm

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Naked Room

I can't sleep in this room.
It has never been mine.
I can't sleep in this tomb.
The floor twists my spine.
I can't sleep in this cell.
Your scent has me confined.
I can't sleep in this hell
Without you by my side.

Two weeks more -
When her fragrance subsides -
I'll move off the floor,
And kiss her goodnight.

And goodbye.

- afm

Friday, February 1, 2013

a handful of muses

a handful of muses
i crushed
in my hands
i abused it
the privilege
that is
to use them
at my own
free will
will they be able
to disable my will
and find freedom
in something
they cannot distill
only time
will tell
so whisper
in my ear
and speak sincerely
i cannot
risk losing
a muse so dear
she won't
come twice
she won't

- afm