Friday, February 15, 2013

on the run

i find myself running/ looking over my shoulder/ when there's nobody chasing me/ is that the reason for why i'm looking/ am i afraid to be caught/ or am i afraid of the fact that/ no one is trying to catch me at all/ all at once reality strikes me/ a brazen epiphany/ a symphony blaring out the outside/ controlling my newfound stride/ i let the rhythm take me/ depict my emotions/ depict each movement/ as i move in and out of sync/ out of sync/ out of place/ out of touch/ this was all too much for me to digest/ so here i digress/ i digress/ i digress/ im so unimpressed with the lack of endurance/ that i thought i had gained/ throughout this grueling process/ stop and take a minute/ try to fixate on breathing/ try to dictate your breaths/ try to focus on what lies ahead/ not the distance/ in which to reach "success"/ try to keep your head high/ keep it light/ don't let the weight in your chest/ run you down/ past your feet/ to the ground/ where you can feel the weight of each step/ run you down/ run you down/ to the ground/ i've been running while turning/ while my feet were still burning/ to my heart's contest/ i run when i feel empty/ so i'm running on empty/ that's why every step/ is heavier than the last/ i need to rest/ i need a rest/ i need rest/ rest

- afm

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