Saturday, October 31, 2009

cuz this is thriller night!

I miss the days when I was seven, and it was acceptable for me to go around to strangers' houses and pester them until they gave me free candy (with no strings attached). Is there an age limit for trick-or-treating? like an actual age restriction? What's the legality of knocking on a random person's door with an empty pillowcase and demanding treats? When you're a child it is frowned upon to not participate in handing out free goodies, but once you get taller it is frowned upon to request for free goodies. If I go out tonight dressed up in a $70 costume, I better get something out of it!

That's another thing. My friends are dressing up as the cast from Watchmen. One of my buddies is being Rorschach and he actually spent $70 on his costume! The costume entails:
  • a hat
  • a coat
  • gloves
  • black slacks
  • and a mask with an inkblot
Ten bucks says he had the majority of those things at home. All he really needed was a permanent marker and a white sheet to make the mask, so why throw down mad money for such an easily constructed costume? le sigh

One thing about Rorschach's character is that he is definitely bad ass enough to ward off evil spirits. Don't forget people, that is the actual point of dressing up for Halloween: to ward off evil spirits! I'll never understand why people dress up cute/slutty thinking they're getting the job done. C'mon, that's just tantalizing the spirits to pierce through the veil. Be something scary... like a homeless person.

Whatever you do, for the love of God do NOT dress up like Michael Jackson. It is poor form. The man recently died, so for all you know he is one of those evil spirits. I'm not necessarily saying that the King of Pop is demonic in any sense, I'm just pointing out that out of all the days in the year, Halloween would definitely be the night you can't trust Michael Jackson. "Hey, there little boys and girls. Don't you look so cute in your costumes! You want some free candy? It's right inside my pants..."

... too soon?

- afm

Happy Halloween

It's Samhain night. I will dress up as a jack-o-lantern. I will scrape out my insides and carve a smile on my face. Everyone will recognize me. I will look the same as always.

- afm

Friday, October 30, 2009


sometimes the answer is right in front of me... i just refuse to look.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Within the last week I was terribly sick, so I took that time to write some new songs (five to be exact). All of their lyrics were written here in this blog. Anytime you see a post where the lines are separated by slashes (/), then it is usually a new song of mine.

I JUST finished recording a new demo version of my last post, "I Put the 'Art' in 'Artificial.'" Like I said, it's a demo, so it's pretty rough around the edges. It is now up for free streaming on my myspace <--- click there

Hope you like it :)

- afm

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Put the "Art" in "Artificial"

i was trying too hard/ the sound of my words didn't match the thought/ of the voices in my head/ they told me genius but i wrote down nonsense instead/ this rusty guitar/ played the notes i didn't feel and my mouth spat out the parts/ to the tunes that best fit/ the buyer, not the writer or the warmth within my heart

my speech was muffled and slurred/ my lips dribbled every word/ so i filled up my cup/ but my unstable hand couldn't hold the contents up/ and these carpet stains are getting old/ yeah, these carpet stains have turned to mold

i bought wood at the store/ so when my words spill to the floor/ they won't leave stains anymore/ just a one-minute-mess, a quick to-do chore/ or the words can soak/ into the boarded earth and poke holes in the oak/ then my words can choke/ all on their own

my speech was muffled and slurred/ my lips mumbled every word/ so the holes were removed/ until the holiest of medias probed my every move/ and this sunken home is getting old/ this sunken home became controlled/ by the watermark of noble mold/ yeah, this empty house has turned cold

so when you come knockin' on my door/ you better bring a hammer/ you better make a clamor, girl/ cuz even though im lying right on the entrance floor/ i swear to you, i don't live here anymore

- afm

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Six by Fourteen

Though you enlighten me,
I thought you would have learned
That you're like a candle,
And all you do is burn
Until you're nothing more
Than solid, melted wax,
Useless facts in return
For a tax on my heart.
Now I'm lost in the dark
And I can't find my tracks.
There is no passage out
or clear route to the start,
So how will I survive
once you swiftly depart?

- afm

Saturday, October 17, 2009

This Isn't Where I Parked My Car

im tired of holding back how i feel/ when the only thing you hold back are your meals/ not the meals that you chew, but the one's you ate up/ when i told you i loved how i loved you so much/ so spit up those feelings/ and revert to the touch/

the pulse/ the frame/ the shape/ the name/ it's all in the same/ it's all in the same/

our relationship is more out of shape than the shape that you're in/ maybe that's why it's not working out/ you're finding new outfits when you should be fitting in/ but your insecure antics are another win, win/ so sell your conviction/ and show a little skin/

the pulse/ the frame/ the shape/ the name/ it's all in the same/ it's all in the same/

you just lost the game

- afm

Merry Larry

Merry Larry - quite contrary -
Would truly care if he'd be carried
Above the ground to sleep so sound
That he cannot hear merry canaries
Sing their cheery merrily tunes, for
Weary Larry, very wary -
Quite contrary to merry Larry -
Cannot sleep once he's been reaped,
So in the ground he must be buried.

Sorry Larry, that must be scary.

- afm

Ma'am Plays Zelda

A lot of time invested in the game! A lot of time invested in the game!

I don't want a blue rupee! There's supposed to be a deku shield there!. No. NOOOOOOO!!!!! I FELL OFF! MOTHERFUCKER! Baby, you made me fall off! I'm going to bite your ear!!!!! No, I almost fell again looking at your stupid status bang!

Try to mess with me again, bat. See what happens!

He's writing down everything I say! it's not even that funny, Alex!

Booo bah boo boo bah boo boo bah boo bah booo... Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow, really guys? Really guys? All over again?! Really? The fuckin bats? NO! FUCK YOU, BATS!

Fuck these fuckin bats! They don't leave me the fuck alone! That's it, I'm not talking... fuck! What's that gray thing doing there?! FUCKIN DAMMIT! Ouch! It hurts all the time! ALL THE TIME HURTING! Open, bitch! Baby, stop! Baby, really? Really?! Ugh. Goddamn ladder! Stop! Baby, I'm really having a hard time and you're not helping!

Baby, I can't focus my sling shot! You need to stop laughing! Your belly is shaking my fuckin controller!

Pa chew! Pahhhh choooo! Moody, moody! AHHH! Got the eye! GOT THE EYE! WOO! WAHHHH HOOOO! Got it, first time, baby! Now that we got that clear, that is where we want to go. Stupid cat. That cat's getting belligerent. That cat's getting nasty. You should hear what Alex said about the penis. Jane made the guacamole.

This platform? I don't trust this (burp) platform... Fuck! FUCK! In the LAVA! In the fuckin lava again! I have been doing all of these levels for nothing?! The platform goes to the top level? Fuckin fuck! Baby, let me see the strategy thing please.

Stop laughing! This has been an hour of struggle, an hour of TRAUMA!

How do you have a bat on fire, babe? How does that even happen?! Fuckin bat! Fuck you, fuck you! DIE! DIE! DIE!

... The bats killed me :(


The Alex Show - Episode 17


if i see where the eyelash lands, does my wish still come true?
well, that all depends on what you wished for. i wished to go back in time knowing everything i know now. i would be a child again, but with my current mindset. would you stay a child? no, i would grow older, and my brain would develop from its present state. i see. well, in that case your wish will not come true. why not? a wish cannot come true if you tell someone what you wished for. well, balls.

to be continued...

- afm

Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Cheers for Platonic Sleepovers!

If every single syllable was made to be literal/ then you should have reconsidered your place by now/ but just like these rhymes you are merely a line/ that I have written up or simply crossed out/ My lack of regard was never worn hard/ thanks to my scarred fashion and the passion I forge/ If we were ever more than friends from the start/ then you'll never know your lovers till the sex is a chore/ This is the backdoor, baby/ See yourself out/ Sorry if I seem passive every time I pass you by/ but I'll deny your requests with a callous reply/ Sorry if you just realized I'm like all the other guys/ but that tongue in your mouth was never meant for noise/ This is the backdoor, baby/ See yourself out/ Front seat/ windows down/ was the way we messed around/ Loud and clear/ so all could hear/ every sound I made you cheer/ This is the backdoor, baby/ See yourself out

- afm

The Manic Mechanic Refuses to Panic

In the last three weeks/ I have noticed an abundance in animosity/ following yet somehow guiding my every move/ In order to modify this disorder/ my natural moderation must be improved/ Here's the external joint/ causing all the trouble/ See, here/ right below my right elbow/ The doctor looks askance due to this askew bridge over troubled waters/ yet a mask is in use to subdue my consciousness and his overgrowing rue/ Before I can count to ten/ I am awoken again/ by distant echoes/ and foreign friends/ Something is ringing deep in my ear/ wringing my brain of all it can hear/ Memories fleeted have all disappeared/ My blood and vessels have turned into gears/ I am the machine, not the engineer/

but my mission remains clear: Mankind will persevere

- afm

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mums for Sale

I took my first steps/ around the same time you spoke your first words/ We made our progress/ hand in hand/ Out on those dark nights/ you wouldn't try to go home, you'd just come over/ Between the sheets/ safe as can be/ until the morning after/ but that was when I knew your name/ back when I savored every vow/ That was then and this is now/ so we turned it around/ Now my head starts spinning/ my ears keep bleeding every time I try to listen to the bullshit from your mouth/ That was when I knew your name/ Behind the front door/ lied a sturdy composition to the mess we made/ It stained the floor/ but you would clean it up with a smile on your face/ We'd make a game/ out of every fault and mistake we embraced/ So long as it was ours/ not a single wretched memory would ever be replaced/ but that was when I knew your name/ back when I savored every vow/ That was then and this is now/ so we turned it around/ Now my head starts spinning/ my ears keep bleeding every time I try to listen to the bullshit from your mouth/ That was when I knew your name/ My empty laundry baskets are caskets for the frames/ that shield in every smile that I was ever forced to make/ Presently when I smile/ I am merely forced to fake it/ and wear it to my grave/ Now you never had a name/ for my memory is dry/ Every face just looks the same/ and I'll never know why/ my heart stopped beating/ my ears keep pleading every time I try to listen to a familiar sound/ At least I hurt when you're around/ Now my feelings can't be found

- afm

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Tide (incomplete)

Here's to those long summer nights/ that we wasted away/ alone at the bay/ not knowing where/ we would lay the next day/ We cast our fears to the grave/ every time the tide would rise/ and when our bodies hit the waves/ our hearts were apprised of the love that we made/ As the tide retreated/ our hearts repleted/ and though our feelings have changed/ the memory remains the same/ You had your car/ and I had my pride/ We won't travel far/ to escape this divide

- afm

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Instant Escape

Turbulence (tosses our bands), I call it in.
Tussle your heads (with knives and hands),
And strike upon the dawn.
(If you) tamper with your unopened hands,
Then I won't set your lover free.
Pretend the sand is suffering, (not them).
(Pretend the sand) is sulfur.
(You will cry), "Let me in!"
And I'll let you in, but nowhere
(Lays your radiant) confidence.
Take the rule and surge the fall,
And ask for them to bear my boy.
(I can) taste you, Anne Boleyn.
(Please tell me), what life is this?
What love is this? (Is this a trick)?
(Here's your tussive medicine
For your well-shaven head).
Dead you land (face down in heaven
Swallowed by the sand). "Breathe in!"
(I command as I untie your hands).
"Dead you rest, so breathe again!"

- Alexander McCurdy

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fragments from "An Obscure Signal - Creations"

"In my picture-perfect mind, I drew the outlines of a world made for easy breathing. I obsessed over this sketch: V-90."

"The regiment arose from its seat, uprooted from the cradle of scrap left beneath the Contrivance Corps. This is where the Bod-E lies. This is where my soul resides."

"My makeshift arm fires when a distant alarm resonates through my mind, revolving memory and momentum as bullets meet teeth."

- afm