Friday, October 16, 2009

Three Cheers for Platonic Sleepovers!

If every single syllable was made to be literal/ then you should have reconsidered your place by now/ but just like these rhymes you are merely a line/ that I have written up or simply crossed out/ My lack of regard was never worn hard/ thanks to my scarred fashion and the passion I forge/ If we were ever more than friends from the start/ then you'll never know your lovers till the sex is a chore/ This is the backdoor, baby/ See yourself out/ Sorry if I seem passive every time I pass you by/ but I'll deny your requests with a callous reply/ Sorry if you just realized I'm like all the other guys/ but that tongue in your mouth was never meant for noise/ This is the backdoor, baby/ See yourself out/ Front seat/ windows down/ was the way we messed around/ Loud and clear/ so all could hear/ every sound I made you cheer/ This is the backdoor, baby/ See yourself out

- afm


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if you are planning to put your last few posts into songs, then i can't wait to hear them!

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