Saturday, October 31, 2009

cuz this is thriller night!

I miss the days when I was seven, and it was acceptable for me to go around to strangers' houses and pester them until they gave me free candy (with no strings attached). Is there an age limit for trick-or-treating? like an actual age restriction? What's the legality of knocking on a random person's door with an empty pillowcase and demanding treats? When you're a child it is frowned upon to not participate in handing out free goodies, but once you get taller it is frowned upon to request for free goodies. If I go out tonight dressed up in a $70 costume, I better get something out of it!

That's another thing. My friends are dressing up as the cast from Watchmen. One of my buddies is being Rorschach and he actually spent $70 on his costume! The costume entails:
  • a hat
  • a coat
  • gloves
  • black slacks
  • and a mask with an inkblot
Ten bucks says he had the majority of those things at home. All he really needed was a permanent marker and a white sheet to make the mask, so why throw down mad money for such an easily constructed costume? le sigh

One thing about Rorschach's character is that he is definitely bad ass enough to ward off evil spirits. Don't forget people, that is the actual point of dressing up for Halloween: to ward off evil spirits! I'll never understand why people dress up cute/slutty thinking they're getting the job done. C'mon, that's just tantalizing the spirits to pierce through the veil. Be something scary... like a homeless person.

Whatever you do, for the love of God do NOT dress up like Michael Jackson. It is poor form. The man recently died, so for all you know he is one of those evil spirits. I'm not necessarily saying that the King of Pop is demonic in any sense, I'm just pointing out that out of all the days in the year, Halloween would definitely be the night you can't trust Michael Jackson. "Hey, there little boys and girls. Don't you look so cute in your costumes! You want some free candy? It's right inside my pants..."

... too soon?

- afm


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