Tuesday, November 3, 2009

btdkyd (imrpovised)

i hear the call/ ring in my deafened ear/ this signal obscured awakes the sleeping age/ that trapped my mind/ but now that bind is through/ where is the cursor/ that split the earth in two/ i was arranged/ to build this world anew/ this is the time to rebuild what's mine/ this is the final throw/ this is the time to reopen your eyes/ and see what we can bestow/ awaken/ stand up/ and purge the world below/ relinquish/ this rust/ undertake the plateau/ a long time ago/ i once knew the smell of air/ that sense was ripped apart/ from this elusive affair/ buyers beware/ buyers beware/ i will purchase every soul/ you wouldn't dare/ no, you wouldn't dare regain control/ of my form/ hold your ghost between/ have you ever kissed your ghost between/ this is my form/ you can't even ask for your soul

- afm

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WritersChoices said...

but they didnt know you died?