Friday, November 27, 2009

(Sorry, Arlon, but) This One's Not for You

this wary wood birch/ won't bloom until the spring/ and all its leaves have yet to fall/ you and i/ we still have time to get our coats/ and pick the remnants from their roots/ i will rake them/ bundle them up and take them/ to their new abode/ in the middle of the road

what life is changing here?/ purge the water, dear/ purify my colored mind/ with fallen leaves and stagnant fears/ my only hope is holding onto something real/ but no verity is clear/ at least not here

if you're afraid to love me/ then i'll save you from fear itself/ the unknown truth can't stop me now/ step upon me/ grind my soul beneath your soles/ a million steps can't keep me down/ or plant me in the ground/ without me growing/ into a brand new birch/ with outstretched branches/ for your lances to perch

breathe in and break my lungs/ take our pictures down/ my photograph looks so much better shattered on the ground/ my only hope is holding onto something real/ but i can't feel/ i can't feel!

im heading straight for a breakdown/ i won't be home by nine/ im heading straight out/ so break me down/ because i won't stop trying/ until you're done hiding/ i won't stop trying until you smile

- Alex McCurdy


hayley said...
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Jessie Ramsay said...

I loveee the first, and the last verse.