Friday, October 16, 2009

The Manic Mechanic Refuses to Panic

In the last three weeks/ I have noticed an abundance in animosity/ following yet somehow guiding my every move/ In order to modify this disorder/ my natural moderation must be improved/ Here's the external joint/ causing all the trouble/ See, here/ right below my right elbow/ The doctor looks askance due to this askew bridge over troubled waters/ yet a mask is in use to subdue my consciousness and his overgrowing rue/ Before I can count to ten/ I am awoken again/ by distant echoes/ and foreign friends/ Something is ringing deep in my ear/ wringing my brain of all it can hear/ Memories fleeted have all disappeared/ My blood and vessels have turned into gears/ I am the machine, not the engineer/

but my mission remains clear: Mankind will persevere

- afm

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