Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ma'am Plays Zelda

A lot of time invested in the game! A lot of time invested in the game!

I don't want a blue rupee! There's supposed to be a deku shield there!. No. NOOOOOOO!!!!! I FELL OFF! MOTHERFUCKER! Baby, you made me fall off! I'm going to bite your ear!!!!! No, I almost fell again looking at your stupid status bang!

Try to mess with me again, bat. See what happens!

He's writing down everything I say! it's not even that funny, Alex!

Booo bah boo boo bah boo boo bah boo bah booo... Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow, really guys? Really guys? All over again?! Really? The fuckin bats? NO! FUCK YOU, BATS!

Fuck these fuckin bats! They don't leave me the fuck alone! That's it, I'm not talking... fuck! What's that gray thing doing there?! FUCKIN DAMMIT! Ouch! It hurts all the time! ALL THE TIME HURTING! Open, bitch! Baby, stop! Baby, really? Really?! Ugh. Goddamn ladder! Stop! Baby, I'm really having a hard time and you're not helping!

Baby, I can't focus my sling shot! You need to stop laughing! Your belly is shaking my fuckin controller!

Pa chew! Pahhhh choooo! Moody, moody! AHHH! Got the eye! GOT THE EYE! WOO! WAHHHH HOOOO! Got it, first time, baby! Now that we got that clear, that is where we want to go. Stupid cat. That cat's getting belligerent. That cat's getting nasty. You should hear what Alex said about the penis. Jane made the guacamole.

This platform? I don't trust this (burp) platform... Fuck! FUCK! In the LAVA! In the fuckin lava again! I have been doing all of these levels for nothing?! The platform goes to the top level? Fuckin fuck! Baby, let me see the strategy thing please.

Stop laughing! This has been an hour of struggle, an hour of TRAUMA!

How do you have a bat on fire, babe? How does that even happen?! Fuckin bat! Fuck you, fuck you! DIE! DIE! DIE!

... The bats killed me :(