Thursday, July 16, 2009

the translating process

silence is compounded into mold
and is held closely together
in the weathered impound
of jagged ground
whether or not the weather is hot
moss does not grow on these rocks
but on moist surfaces
bare and cold
before morning rises
and sets in
like dew on the blades
of the nether shade


words cannot contact walls
so there is no sound
just a hand movement
a profound expression
and the obsession
to understand
and more importantly
be understood


two rocks below the shore
both of equal size and weight
and height and age
do not grow together
but separate
from every whirl of wind
and strike of water
until they are nothing more
than strangers
and unmoved by the fact
that they will never know each other again
that they will never know each other before
that they will only know the ball and chain of
squall and grain below the shore

and nothing more
than that

- Alexander McCurdy

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