Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 12


____: Who are you?

ALEX: I am Alex... Alex McCurdy.

____: That is just a name. Who are you?

ALEX: You once told me a name is all I have.

____: A name is all you have, but only if it is printed on an 11x8 sheet of paper. Do you have one?

ALEX: Well, no, I don't.

____: How much money do you have to your name?

ALEX: What does that have to do with who I am?

____: Paper. Money is paper.

ALEX: Is all of my worth on paper?

____: Yes. Why else would children care about Pokemon cards? Do they ever use them to battle? Rarely. If so, what do they win?

ALEX: Paper?

____: Exactly. More shiny, fictitious monsters on cardboard, more passed consonances, more 11x8 name tags. Paper, Alex McCurdy. All of your worth is on paper.

ALEX : Well, what about my mind? My mind is not on paper.

____: Why, yes it is. What does your mind produce? Thoughts. Where do you share your thoughts? In this blog. What is this blog to you? An online journal. What is the main difference between an online journal and a regular one?

ALEX: Paper.

____: Precisely. This screen is your paper, Alex McCurdy.

ALEX: So it is worth something?

____: No. Sorry if i mislead you regardless of reason. I merely got carried away. Unfortunately, though, this inter-webbed paper will not grant you any tangible thing. People will not trade this for anything greater. You are limiting yourself to only one kind of paper, when in reality you need all kinds.

ALEX: Well, I still have my Pokemon cards.

____: You are joking.

ALEX: In what regard?

____: Feel free to own them, but if you literally think those papers will earn you more papers, you better cross your fingers that some deranged Japanese child will be willing to make an exchange.

ALEX: For rarer Pokemon cards?!

____: Your joking ensues.

ALEX: I have not learned anything since I started writing this. I have not gotten anywhere - mentally or physically. I still do not know who I am.

____: At least it is all on pa...

*Firefox has encountered a problem and is shutting down*

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy


hayley said...
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Anonymous said...

i disagree hayley. this one seems unsatisfying and underdeveloped.

the producers need to get that stuff out of your food.

hayley said...
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Anonymous said...

oh no. i meant alex's food.

Anonymous said...