Saturday, May 9, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 13

Birds are irritating.


____: To be honest, I am not exactly sure what is wrong with you.

ALEX: It is fine. Certainly not the first time someone has come to that conclusion.

____: What did the doctors say?

ALEX: Aside from you? Oh, just the usual: You have a mild case of this, a mild case of that. Try this medicine, try that medicine. Hell, try both.

____: They did not, really?!

ALEX: Well, all but the last one, yes.

____: Your brain is ruthless.

ALEX: Ruthlessly counting sheep and repeating, "My eyes are getting heavy."

____: I am guessing warm milk does not help, either.

ALEX: No, but add some Hershey's syrup, and you will be my favorite doctor.

____: I am not sure if the pharmacy carries that prescription. Seriously though, I believe this is deeper than we're making it out to be.

ALEX: Something psychological you mean? Hah! And all this time you genuinely thought I was thoroughly intrigued by your ceiling.

____: Okay, okay. Let me work. Are you sad?


____: You're never sad? What an amazing treat that must be.

ALEX: You never asked never, so I assumed you meant presently. Had you asked, "Have I ever been sad," I would have responded truthfully then, as well. Also, I do not find sorrow to be a burden. If I never had the privilege to experience "sad" that would be no treat at all. A good trick, though.

____: Oh, my. Sometimes I think we should both be lying down.

ALEX: No, no, no. We should both be standing up. It is the people outside who need rest.

____: Rest. Good, let us get back to the point. When do you usually fall asleep?

ALEX: 5-ish. Roughly. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

____: Lovely. Just in time for the birds.

ALEX: And the sun.

____: The sun. Do you think that you find it easier to sleep once you know that the day is coming?

ALEX: What do you mean? I always know there is a tomorrow.

____: No you don't. You shared with me your thoughts about the afterlife. You said that people are too busy worrying about the next life when in actuality they should be more concerned with the life that is right in front of them, did you not?

ALEX: Not verbatim.

____: I am not a poet, but something similar, yes?

ALEX: Yes. I believe in certainty.

____: Well, tomorrow is not a certainty, Alex. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone. Perhaps, you can only sleep once you are forced to face the day; once it is right in front of you.

ALEX: I thought you weren't a poet.

____: I guess I didn't know it.

ALEX: Doctor Cornball, ladies and gentlemen. Good show, though.

____: Do I win a prize?

ALEX: Yes, by the hour to be exact. Sad thing is, Doctor, you solved the puzzle, but did not bother to put it together.

____: Off the record, I like this puzzle better when apart.


Cars are noisy.

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy


hayley said...
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WritersChoices said...

yo im glad you went to the doctor....did you get the tests back yet??? because i need to know if i should get checked out too after last night =X

edukateyourself said...

I go to sleep at 4-ish, and birds wake up around that time. And they are LOUD.

"... tomorrow is not a certainty, Alex. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone." I love this. Even though it is Cornball-ish.

hayley said...
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k said...

i've heard this story before