Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 16

This is all profoundly pointless.


"These lanterns are set up so strangely. Look at their pattern. Oh wait, there is no pattern. My mistake. Still, I don't think this scene is realistic."

"TOY KINGDOM. Does that look real to you? I mean, look at the lettering. I feel like it is taken from a movie or a sitcom or something. Even the backing..."

"... And the toys."

"Yes, exactly."

"It's a set, like everything was set here, placed purposely with reason, but not the reason I had in mind. Someone is trying to please me by applying this realm to my life much in the same as someone tries to make candies taste like fruits. Don't get me wrong, I love Skittles and all, but this avenue tastes artificial. I want the real thing."


"But I didn't jump. I didn't jump!"


"He directed this, as well."


"I cannot leave you. My contract won't let me."

"What about during those times when we're 'not talking?' You leave to star in other shows and films then."

"Well, not under my new contract."

"How long is this contract going to last?"

"Until you die!"

"Hah! You're telling me you can take this set for the rest of your life?"

"Not the rest of mine, just the rest of yours. You needn't worry, though. This contract will last a long time, I promise."

"You promise? You cannot promise that. Accidents can happen. Things can always be changed given the circumstances."

"This contract has no expiration between now and the day you die. I can promise you that!

"NO YOU CANNOT! Much like contracts, promises can be altered. Remember? You once made a promise to me, but we grew older and wiser and we cared about that silly promise less and less. After time, you were merely holding up to that promise out of principle. That is not good enough anymore. You cannot alter my reality to your liking!"

"I don't. I alter your reality to Their liking. Without alterations, we would lose our audience, then how will you exist? How will we exist? How can this show exist? Who or what do you think we are?! Real? No, we are all altered, influenced. Even the world outside of this one is biased by every little thing it comes into contact with. Without influence, without alterations, we are nothing much at all, are we? Besides, your reality is my reality."

"Only until I die."

"Thanks to the last 'The Alex Show' episode, we both know that that is not going to happen."


Alex, you are a shitty writer. I don't know why you do it.

- Alexander McCurdy


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