Sunday, September 27, 2009

An Obscure Signal - Creations - pt. I

In the beginning there is only sound. Preceding any other sense - aside from the touch - the human body is equipped with the ability to hear. Even though the sensation of sound and touch occur around the same time, I believe that sound is more influential. The things we hear before we enter this world greatly effect us in numerous ways. We know the articulation of our mother's voice before we see her face. We hear the pitches of music before we know how it is produced. We absorb the intonations of happiness, anger and fear, and we can feel how the body naturally responds to all of these emotions. I have unknowingly utilized this blessing since before I can remember, but the first sound I do recall was on November 14, 2057, when I heard the blaring alarm of an obscure signal.

- man


ALC said...

2057! That's in the future!

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