Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Restless Legs Syndrome

In that ghastly fog,
Past the monstrous mountain,
We'll find solace thereupon
The wind.

Our hands are feeding cold.
Our minds are starved for fear.
We'll find malice in our bones.
We'll take action.

As the moon grows,
Time slows.

Poseidon's comatose
Won't negate his deathly grip.
Without our jointed limbs
He'll sink this ship.

I'm barely comfortable
With fighting off your sin.
I wouldn't want you in
My skin.

As the moon grows,
Time slows.

Deep within sleep
She carried her feet
Beneath the water.
When the ship sank
We both walked the plank.
I just had to find her.

- afm

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