Friday, March 14, 2014

The Alex Show - Episode 64

Sometimes self-preservation means abandoning all the things you hold close.


Spinning. That five-year old high, circulating at tremendous speeds and stopping abruptly, attempting to walk when the body knows it cannot. The body knows this simply because the mind tells it so.

ASIDE: It still amazes me how easily our mentalities reflect our physicality and vice a versa.

We trick our minds to believe that it is such a simple idea: one foot in front of the other. However, when sober and under police scrutiny (or any insurmountable amount of pressure) it is damn near impossible to perform effortless, natural tasks. Yet here we "stand," believing that life unfolds one event to the next, one foot after the other, page by page, so on and so on.

We have been spinning for some time now, or at least I have, and if you have been checking in and keeping track as often as I believe you do - since ratings are at minimum stagnant, and we have not yet been canceled - then you must be dizzy, too. It has been a "hot minute," as I would say, since I last personally addressed you, the audience. For that, I am far from apologetic. You get enough of me as is. Hell, the principle of getting implies that someone is giving, and I am as close to sharing as Kris Kringle is with his cookies. Everything has been stripped from me. You are all thieves.

I must revert back to the preface, before the flashes and spins. My only fear is that not a single element of this scripted plot being sincere. The sad thing is, the things I hold dear end up being the fears that I feared, adhered to the rules to dismantle the fool like fuel to a fire that only transpires once the buyer desists their yearning to continue burning the innocence of the defenseless protagonist. But there's always a twist. A new catalyst awaits in the wings.


A beautiful woman enters/is inserted/is strategically placed. The motions follow.

ALEX: I love you. I love every aspect about you. I love the way you love me. I cannot imagine you "changing" in a way that would result in me loving you any less. Besides, change is inevitable. I feel my love for you to be just as certain as that inevitability, so maybe my love will "change." It will change in the sense that it will grow. It will move just like the tides of your eyes. I love you, _____ ______, and I am going to keep on loving you. That is the only thing unchanging.

_____: I love you, too, Alex. I have never felt so loved by someone as I do with you. I am in love with the love you show me, but more than anything, I am in love with your beautiful heart. I can see it through your eyes and your smile. I can hear it in the the things you say, but more clearly than anything I can feel it. I feel so lucky.


Sometimes abandoning all the things you hold close means you are a self-destructive coward.

Please, if any wish I wished were to ever come true, please let this be real.

- afm

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