Tuesday, November 25, 2014

mirror move

my leg is broken, being dragged across the uneven pavement
i'm a tortured sole
to let it breathe would be stifling
i'd choke on that freedom
i'd hide in open spaces
biding my time as time erases
the act of treason
i'd plead guilty before the hammer falls
before it's even risen
no need to stand
or lift your hand
i'll keep mine folded in
mirror like movements
anticipated and fraudulent
keep it folded in
tucked away in your jacket pocket
never to be picked
held tight to your breast
keep it folded in
fabricated and adjacent
mirror like movements
before the thought's conceived
you'd plead innocent before the mouth bleeds
the act of treason
biding your time as time erases
you'd hide in darker places
you'd choke on that suspicion
to give release would be trifling
you're a tortured soul
my leg is broken, being dragged across the pavement

it's even now

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