Friday, June 5, 2015

Dangerous Waters

I am swimming.
Caught in the undertow
The waves, a heavy gavel,
Slam my back into the sand
With unmerciful blows,
Sentencing me.

I should have pled guilty.

I am drowning.
Stretched out from my body
Into the body of the sea,
The currents carry me
Farther and farther from shore,
Buried below the surface.

I should have stayed on land.

I am rising.
Down in the depths
I welcome the water into my lungs.
I deeply breathe it in,
Aware that the fight is needless.
Nature always wins.

I am glad to have swam today.

I am floating.
Currently weightless,
The currents pull me back
Engaging the once distant shore,
Departing from my salty shell
To breathe life once more.

I should have never believed.

I am breathing.
Your lips rush over my own.
Your mouth hot like the sun,
You spill into me;
A cold-blooded flood.
I welcome the water into my lungs.

And I am drowning once again.

- afm

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