Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Alex Show - Episode 74


ALEX: It's 3:30AM over there, and you're still kicking! Can't say I'm surprised. _____: You're always up at this hour, too! ALEX: No, no, no, no, no. I'm dead, remember? _____: Okay, so you're dead. Tell me your eulogy (life recap) in six sentences. Ready, go! ALEX: Alexander Franklin McCurdy. 
Together his name sounds like that of a President's, but he never made it to thirty-five.
Alexander alludes to the Great, the heart of a warrior, but even the greatest of warriors must fall in the end.
Franklin makes us twenty-somethingers all think of a turtle, but he lived his life at full throttle and always out of his shell.
McCurdy McTurdy McNerdy McFlirty smoother than a McFlurry.
Much like his late night chats with the whimsically endearing and lovely _____ _____ - who happens to have a ridiculously cute laugh - may he never rest.
Also, he hated the number six, so here's a seventh sentence. FLASH FLASH FLASH SPIN SPIN Do you want to read it?

- afm

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