Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Alex Show - Episode 35

I am starting to strongly believe that the emotional content of people is much like the universe.

When the body lies, the mind runs. When the body questions where the mind has wandered, it rarely looks within. One cannot simply roll their eyes back and look through bone. No, unlike other organs, the exoskeleton is much harder to access. Even if one were to miraculously break through the rigid, rocklike structure of a skull, the mind itself is impossibly impenetrable. Still, anything can be broken. Sometimes strength and will power are not always the mandatory instruments needed. Sometimes you just need to play a different tune.

The day is gone. You enter the safety of your home. You lock all your doors, turn on every light, and ready the alarms - assured relaxation.

ASIDE: It is as if we as people are always hiding. Though we may relish in the venture of travel, knowledge and love, come nightfall we reside amongst ourselves, and once our eyes are shut, we claim not to see, yet we do. We can see eternity.

All is quiet. There is stillness for a brief moment in your conscious day, but it is that very stillness that commands the mind to move. It is the stillness that directs direction, instructing a person's internal instruments to sound. Each thought buzzes, reverberating off your skull until memories, dreams, and imaginations become a terrifying reality of what could be. It is hard to believe that in stillness much can be stirred.

ASIDE: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." What a true statement after being dissected. Fear is worse than Death. Death does not seek you out, Death merely waits, and if you filled your life with good intent and right doings, He is easily thought of as an escort, a limo driver to a glorious afterlife. Fear is not like Death. Fear consumes. Picture a smaller fish being eaten by a larger fish. Fear is the larger fish, and you the smaller fish. Your body is enclosed in its body, fighting for escape. Regardless of your struggle, you can only move in the direction in which Fear moves. Though you may have been devoured, you are not dead... yet. Only your own actions will guide you to Death.

There are lessons to note. Do not check the peephole once your door is locked. Whatever may be out, cannot get in. Do not look under your bed. You will find nothing but what you left there. Once the lights are off, they stay off. Light cannot expose what cannot be seen. Do not run to your bed. Running in the dark is more dangerous than the fictitious things that wish to catch you. Do not hide under your covers. Comforters are not made to be shields. More importantly, note what you should do: always look up.

ASIDE: It is curious how people feel small when they are afraid, yet they never look up. If you are literally small, you almost always look up. You have to because so much of the world is above you. The same should apply to those who are figuratively small, for if your paranoid mind is correct, up is where they will be hiding.

to be continued...

- afm

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