Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Alex Show - Episode 36


Alex: It amazes me how easy it is to forget, whether we want to or not.

____: What do you mean?

Alex: You know, like an impactful conversation you have had with the most important of persons, a conversation that has sculpted your life and changed your shape, yet over time we forget about the conversation itself. We forget about the sculptor and the effort they made to mold you into something different. Upon forgetting we start believing that there never was a sculptor, and that the sculpture was created all on its own.

____: You speak of creating a sculpture when it sounds more like you are describing its destruction. How ironic.

Alex: Yes, it is peculiar how destruction is the foundation to creation.

____: Again, you will have to elaborate.

Alex: Well, you could apply it to anything, really. Go back as far as Adam in the garden. God may have created man, but it was man's self-destruction that created man as a species. That is when creation was truly completed: when destruction began.

____: And I believe it is safe to assume you were not originally talking about Genesis. Perhaps something more personal?

Alex: I should just continue ranting without pause. Your questions hold no more curiosity or concern than the silence of a psychiatrist.

____: How does that make you feel?

Alex: Hah! You're funny. But yes, I was referring to something of more personal interest.

____: Please continue.

Alex: As you wish, doctor. Anyways, I've just been wondering - as I often do - what is the use of conversing? We manipulate words, we select the ones we want to hear and we twist their inflections, and the worst part is we now trust those words to hold truth. People hate being deceived, yet they play the fool. If this is the case for everyone as it is for me, then what purpose does a conversation have? What is the purpose in this conversation?

____: Well, you could apply that to anything, really. Go back as far as Adam in the garden.

Alex: You mock me.

____: I have to! You make it so easy. Seriously though, let's say there is no purpose to conversing. Let's say there is no purpose to anything for that matter. If that is the case, then why worry? Just enjoy it.


I have forgotten the sculptor.

- afm

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