Saturday, June 22, 2013


new rap track

"You took my breath away." I ain't givin it back!
"You stole my heart." Then it can't have an attack.
As a matter of fact, I nailed your heart to a plaque.
Now it's sitting on my mantle (burning, burning)
Next to all the others hearts from all the bitches I dismantled.
I snuffed you out like wind to a candle.
You're a defaced piece of property, and I was the vandal,
But you're back in three days like Jesus in his sandals,
A masochist begging to be mishandled.
I'm lending you a hand. I'm helping you out.
I was never your man, I was never your spouse.
I'm as fake as your tan. I'm as deep as your blouse,
Cuz it's up to your chin. How come you're never aroused?
Play the Notebook again? I'd rather kill myself.
I'm not a Ryan. I'll never build you a house.
If it's fiction you believe in then go fuck an elf,
And stop pretending that you don't do this to yourself.
If I'm a bird, you're a swallow.
If that hurts then go wallow.
Is it so absurd that I'm hollow?
If you don't like where I'm heading, don't follow.
What don't you understand? No hablo?
Then let me translate it: diablo!
Diablo! Diablo! Yo soy el diablo.
Is it so absurd that I'm hollow?
You're drowning in a man whose waters are shallow.

I am the prick who put baby in a corner.
I'm an FOB, but I ain't a foreigner.
I redefined the term, so try be a learner.
I Fuck Over Bitches.
I burn all my bridges.
I leave em in the ditches and throw them a quarter.
Go buy yourself a gum ball.
Go suck dick in a bathroom stall.
Bitch, I don't really care at all
If you drink more semen like a mariner,
Or wind up naked hangin' out with the coroners.
How them heels feel on the corner?
Them sad fat fucks say, "Come over.
Get in," so they can try to get it in
After three blue pills for failed boners.

Now you a loner,
But you've always been.
You used to it.
It ain't a secret.
You bask in it.
You love it.
If lonely was a dick then you'd fuck it.

- MC Curdy

new rap track

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