Saturday, March 21, 2015


No power then, no power now.
No power has ever been powerful enough
To pull me off the ground when I needed it.
The gateway to Heaven has been paved,
But the gates are now closed.
God handed me the key,
But it unlocked what’s below.
So down I go. Down I went.
Sent from heaven, heaven sent.
From the clouds I descend, to the ground I repent.
You think I peaked in high school?
I peaked when I was six.
Less support than a barstool.
I sound like a drummer with no sticks.
I leaked like a faucet, closed door like a closet
Of a gay man whose father told him he’s abolished
From the fam. He’s an abomination
Of the enter name here clan.
But that’s OK-K-K by me me me.
That’s OK-K-K by him.
He’s honeybaked, make no mistake
That’s more than okay for him.
Side table. Side debate.
Pass the gravy, pass the yams.
What’s the yams? Just a plate o’ potato grapes.
Nothing to do wit who I am.
Merely a first mate. Merely a blank slate.
A hypothesized contradiction.
So what was it all about? What am I all about?
I have less brains than a head that’s been scalped.
These scatter brained thoughts, like dollars out the vault,
Can be traced but serve no purpose if held victim to a torch’s assault.
So torture me, hypocrisy. See if I give a fault.
A fuck. A fuck. A fuck. Go run a muck.
At the end of day, your opinion won’t stick, it’ll be stuck.
Stuck the landing. I’m handing out hand me downs like party favors.
Save your sighs. Save em for later.
Save em for someone who actually cares.
I dare you.
Or waste your breath on the uncsicous, cool collective.
How’s that for obnoxious when the fool is respected?

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