Friday, April 15, 2016

"80's rap is soooooooooo great"

ALEX: 80's rap is garbage.

SOME BAMA: Alex McCurdy is garbage. See, anyone can say anything when they have no clue what they're talking about.

ALEX: Mid 80's rap laid the base of a culture, but to replace with waste makes you the lace, not a sculptor. 90's rap started to sculpture the sculptors that defaced the base of a race that was altered by white washed clans, I meant Klans, is that o-K? While they tried to disband those who fought in disarray. Subculture, sub-art, submissive and afraid, the above abused the privileges of those who they defaced. They replaced the heard with words of the popular Aerosmith and taught each youngster abroad what makes a rhyme forthwith, so they shook their heads sublime knowing what a "true" rap artist is, but while they were raptured in this figment the truth had gone adrift. The youth started to slip, the proof in the abyss of real rappers rhymes lost in time, and it just is a figment of our imagination and much like morning's condensation it's beautiful to look at, but the important matter is everything that drifts far beyond that swift abyss is a lesson to be learned: don't shutout the unheard.

SOME BAMA: *deletes comment*

*places mic down gently onto stage, since I ain't gon pay for it*