Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Alex Show - Episode 76

To circumvent the past events won't correct the present tense it makes no sense to frequent the cycle of being spiteful to faultless rivals you may as well remain idle while circling your malcontent repent repent repent carry on for your survival


ASIDE: I live in the past herein again. I bid adieu, minus seventy-two.

The stairwell is a descending letter L, crooked and droopy. When I think of an object that droops, I imagine it being limp, lifeless even. This is a jagged droop, though, like half opened scissors in a pocketknife.
ASIDE: A pocketknife is not practical in dire situations if you do not have long fingernails.
I am sitting on a leather couch. It is red, but faded, easily mistaken for maroon or a light brown. I have room for two more, but I greedily decide to sprawl out. While examining the building internally, I can see its pulse. Even when we sleep we breathe, and this building is no different. Its heart pounds, and blood pulsates through its walls. The chambers are still, but they digest everything consumed within the last hours of their consciousness. I can hear it. I can see it. If only I could feel it, perhaps my heart and belly would start moving in a different rhythm.
My brain is abandoned all too often. It thinks incessantly, but rarely about its self. Now is different, and so it wonders, "Self, why do I not fixate on my own being? Aside from rarities such as now, why is this building directing me?" To my brain's own knowledge there will be no answer. If it thought like it generally plays chess it would have known this ahead of time. However, it persists, "When do I truly know things ahead of time? When does any brain? We can guess, we can predict, but I do not think we can know. See? I do not even know if I can know!" In its world - my own mind - it is satisfied with its own answer to its own rhetorical question. Now, I can think about the other members again. Hello, Heart. Hello, Belly. How do I start?
to be continued...

____: Criss cross the roads cross over episodes stone throw epicenter came the winter breeze bent birds frozen bones upon the shores splinter spider crept inside her hint of lemon zest of rise riddled rent and jigsaw spent on tangled lines swept out to sea sent shivers back in time rip tide ripples rich with quibbles about naught insight ten spite spikes anchored the wall to the window cracks showing in the amber light tint the tattered tomb tucked under the narration timbre without resonation vile vibrato vents from heated pipes steam sockets full of memory beat on the drum drum drum until dust pierces the light broken beam scattered dreams desire and dirt caked on cake crusted vein beats beats beat pull the gear butcher man father imprint pork belly rewind and set in sand motion locates and tampers thread golden dripped and apple pulled fruit fright fraught indent coast to empty and pitched shards eastward sew them back cauterized caramel squeezed dry and heaven sent

ALEX: Each spec of dust swept from the drum will never rest or land on one as one may guess the web was spun to ingest the coalesced son the spiders silk is warm and sweet like heated milk and satin sheets a clever ruse set to confuse the illustrious lead from his defeat repeat repeat repeat when awake the boy still sleeps opened eyes eternalized but behind those doors the mind was seized arrest the spider and wrest the web but still inside her the boy lays dead in shaky borders and blurred out frames forever to remain the same unless the hoarders pierce the silk and allow the milk to dribble out and seep into the forever fall the web will spin till curtain call enthralled with quibbles nailed into walls beseeching sibyl to recall what one was yours or theirs or mine and distribute each and reassign the overall script of riddled hints the salted wounds the fevers pitched the facade of feigning the twinge herein a waxing waning sediment deposit the silicate element innocent instruments in dissonant merriment dance 'round the web cut open and fed to the mouths of the vigilant innocents a sickening pyramid how does time permit a three-sided figure to circle the sun the silk though smooth still sticks like glue and the mouths which chew are forever silenced and there's nothing more militant than subdued violence

____: Hard tack heartier than heart attack dabs stacks ones tax dig grout out of eyelashes blink twice alive encased in carbon finer than the deadly scarf scented spider like violins still bleeding with each pump next to the other boil the curds and toil the earth plant deep seeds of resignation wrapped tight in the shell of your own skin crisp and brittle and bursting with life shaking from the drooping dew dusted spiral into cork diamonds from the glass in case extravagance lips taste yesterdays precipice woeful morning feather crust and break free hit twice the key unlocked untwined to ensnare powder wings velvet white brown cotton drown in dunes overdue plant knaves in steed dance prance in weeds roots grant the eve break heat and rearrange brined and moist with grit fingers scraped tongue howl lost the moonlight played on

ALEX: Where is The Hopelessly Lost?

____:  I'd page her but I don't think she can see this post


As if I've forgotten? She can see this post. I know you all can. I know you all do. 

repent repent repent

- afm


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