Friday, January 23, 2009

For the Sake of Mistakes

Set sail for the morning while the tide is still low.
This vessel can make it despite what we know.
Ignoring all warnings from the wreckage below,
The closed cast can take it, and release the bow.

The winds blow, the sea throws our bodies with ease,
And seizes my torso like a ruthless disease.
You are barely breathing, so unleash the tangled rope
That strangles your throat with a serpentine squeeze.

The anchor is sinking! The anchor is sinking!

This is my first time out on the open sea.
I thought you cast hundreds more anchors than me.
In my defense, I was only seventeen.
The streets were tearing on, and I was wondering where you wandered.

- Alexander McCurdy


Anonymous said...

it's ... hopeful
and ... wonderful

jessica.alexandra said...