Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Greatest Piece of Fiction pts. I, II, & III

I. Like a serpent tantalizing evil from its looms, she eats from holy roots. She corrupts and deceives - as we do when we read - so we plant our own seeds, and wait till the bitter birch is dead.
A new sapling rises and a forest starts to spread.

II. The streams in His veins will be drained and bled full. The dreams in your brain will be strained and controlled by one Word for all and all words for lost souls who are crazed and need watch like a man on parole.
Divided we were whole.

III. Out from mechanical lungs we speak with involuntary tongues, and repeat what is said. Not thinking or understanding, merely declaring what is fed, we raise hands above our heads and receive complimentary bread.
Free of charge.

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy

ps. happy new year

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Anonymous said...

this seems appropriate for a new year post. all of these seem to be about some kind of new beginnings. at least that's what i saw. i'm particularly fond of II. kudos :]