Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sleep is for Prudes!

People constantly rant about how wonderful sleeping is and how terrible it is to be awake. I think the people with this particular outlook are morbid and boring. The concept of sleep is to rejuvenate, replenish, revive, but would it not be a better concept to just never get tired? It is the feeling of weariness that is a unbearable, not being awake. Personally, I would prefer to be conscious 24/7, but unfortunately the mind is legally considered insane after seventeen hours of consciousness, so we are forced to rest (no wonder I write such stupid blogs at night).

Being awake is much more fun and exciting than sleep. I feel like the hours of sleep are hours well wasted. Sleep is eating up my life and all of the things I could be getting done. People continually wish for more hours in their day. Well, I have your solution: sleep less! Yes, that is how we should lead our lives: sleepless. Some people may argue that they thoroughly enjoy sleeping, because they get to dream. Fuck dreams. Dreams are either good or bad, but in the end they are completely unwarranted.

Scenario 1: You have a nightmare. Nightmares are no fun. You wake up scared and possibly sweaty, afraid that it was truly happening. No thanks.

Scenario 2: It is a lovely dream in which everything you wish for comes true. You are approaching the dream's epic climax only to discover that it is not real. Once you are forced to awake and face your lousy reality, you are bummed out of your mind! No thanks.

One cannot control his or her dreams while asleep, but one can get the fuck up and make their dreams (in this case, aspirations) come true. Stop sleeping, people! Sleep is for prudes.

- afm


hayley said...
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WritersChoices said...

stop spreading lies alex
there are no laws regarding sanity and being awake
also go to bed!
noone likes being woken up at 5 in the morning by your voice!