Monday, June 8, 2009

Three, Two, One, None

Three of us traveled to a family affair.
Two of us had something to drink.
One of us stayed in the car.

Three of us were ready to leave.
Two of us said our goodbyes.
One of us remained silent.

Three of us drove to a far away land - much farther forgotten.
Two of us danced along to the music playing.
One of us sat perfectly still.

Three of us arrived at our (final) destination.
Two of us simultaneously exited the vehicle.
One of us was carried.

Three of us were hot and stopped by the creek.
Two of us threw the other in the water.
One of us went swimming.

Three of us ended up getting our hands wet.
Two of us planted a (dead) tree.
One of us did not help.

Three of us passed a graveyard and entered a wood.
Two of us exited a wood and passed a graveyard.
One of us passed.

Three of us were one.
Two of us are done.
One of us is none.

- Alex McCurdy


hayley said...
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WritersChoices said...

yeah me too....its about the time you gave me dome right?

Alex McCurdy said...

ooo, eric. distasteful.

WritersChoices said...

you liked the taste at the time ;)

Alex McCurdy said...

you are oh so predictable.

☀Did ☆You ☆Know☆ Ro☀ said...

I don't exactly know what this is about but I like the slight confusion of it