Friday, January 22, 2010

Knights and Their Ladies Fair

soldier saw a buggy on the side of the road/ so i rode, rode/ rode out on the byway behind twin oaks/ yeah, i drove, drove/ i found your sister and her baby/ and possibly maybe/ a wife to call my own/ if you want me to save thee/ you have to repay me/ my favors are only loans/ cuz nothing's for free

new orleans held a smile in the darkest of hours/ yeah, we rode, rode/ one upon the other till we filled our desire/ yeah we rode, rode/ back to your dwelling/ but not ever telling/ the basis of your coming home/ you're like a cat for a mother/ too stuck on another/ your heart so freely roams/ your love's not for me

you're tired of the jokes i tell/ the words you spoke have all cast spells/ on every man and every belle you've ever spoken to

just like pa she rose the bar too high/ yeah, she dove, dove/ fearing the dark, but that's where she lies/ yeah, we drove, drove/ drove each other crazy/ and possibly maybe/ we're better off alone/ this land is your land/ but i don't give a damn/ if you ever call it home/ cuz nothing's for free/ your love's not for me

where shall you go, right back home?

- afm


hayley said...
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edukateyourself said...

Gone with the Wind influence ftw

edukateyourself said...

i love the "yeah we drove, drove/ drove each other crazy"

オテモヤン said...
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