Sunday, January 31, 2010

space bar space bar space

blink blink blink think think think of something witty to say wit wit wit shit shit shit this is no good i must be in the hood cuz i was robbed robbed i tell you robbed what if did rhymed with good could it would it wood split split wood good no wait well yes well do tell me how to spell no wait use diction proper diction convicted with fiction what is this affliction did i fall i must have but luckily i sprung up and kept running running sight of three words called called called something but i claim that i cannot remember then how do i remember words like remember if i cannot remember three words called something something something dishonest teething decayed memories of my ability to to to remember the other one plus two two too hard to recollect collecting thought is like connecting knots when you should be tying dots to your shoes suede and blue blue blue why so sad shoe you should be a happy shoe you are suede after all or did you fall too with me when i was running to recollect my what was i trying to remember again oh yes the idea of remembering no wiat how do i remember remember yes that was it but i have not gotten anywhere yet just farther away from where i began farther away from the question at hand which is still unclear yet i continue to steer farther further farther further what is the differecne between farther and further or father and something that goes or rhymes with furhter not like father rhymes with farther i just lost an r somewhere an r is not a vowel so it should be a r but that sounds uncomfortable and clearly i only write for comfort does this not feel nice but yes father is farther then he once was but more so in a literal sense than a figurative one figuratively he is somewhat the same in distance emotionally the same mentally might be different though i would not know though i would not for i do not think about it all too often there is no guilt in that not even guilt for not feeling guilt peculiar no i ask i should have used punctation and capitalization but it is too late for that now and from here i am not going to go back and edit it all that would be so time consuming and evidently i need that time i cannot waste any of it yes that is sarcasm for what is this post but a waste of my time but what time am i wasting only mine so what does it matter to you unless you care about me and even then it is not your life so you can pester off not like you are bothering me by reading this because more than likely i will be unaware if you do indulge in this this this chocolate covered gumdrop yuck that would not mix well but a good example of two wonderfully sweet things that when put together do not fit like you and i or i and you or any idea of us together forever for never okay nokay she would say yes she might fuck i broke my carnal rule nothing is actually carnal about it i just wanted to say carnal who is formal and gets away with it these days anyways anyways anyways i was trying to say that i am not supposed to mention she or her or any feminie word unless i refer to my pansy ass self shelves shelves shelves that was the first i wrote of her it was a true story that never happened in actuality but it did happen i promise just not here or there are you coming down here do not make me come up there cuz i will you will not care though i would not touch you again again again only those first few times were fair fair fair with hair layered red but she the tax was a fare on my heart and a devilish glare a stare from the stairs what are you even talking about you are just rhyming for rhymes sake now and you are not using that wit i instructed you to find you dimwit there you are there it is there is the wit it is dim no wonder it is not coming out tonight so turn on the light numskull if a skull is numb is it even a skull at all more like goo goo goo ga ga you are no lady you are no doll you are more shady you are more dull if you are even anything at all i do not think i can conclude this with some riveting ending that will leave you oh so astounded life changing read bravo bravo bravo good sir and encore encore encore no i do implore you to stop

- afm


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