Monday, January 11, 2010

Summer Song

Here's to those long summer nights/ that we wasted away/ alone at the bay/ not knowing where/ we would lay the next day/ We tossed our fears to the grave/ every time the tide would rise/ and when our bodies hit the waves/ our hearts were apprised of the love that we made/ You had your car/ and I had my pride/ We won't travel far/ to escape.../ The sand is roughly scoured/ and my hair is peppered gray/ as minutes turn to hours/ and hours turn to days/ While summer nears the brink/ my hands can only pray/ my heart will never sink/ to the bed of the bay/ The tide retreated/ Our hearts repleted/ and though our feelings have changed/ the memory remains/

- afm


edukateyourself said...

i like rain ruined plans, but i would be glad to have a new alex mccurdy song in my itunes player! :)

hayley said...
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