Monday, February 1, 2010

The Alex Show - Episode 23

Every night at 11:11 I wish that all of my old wishes will finally come true.

That's not a true story, but it sounded emo/mildly gay enough to make it into my blog. Truth be told, I never wish for anything anymore.

And now, an excerpt from the past that never was, but may as well have been:

"This place was a mess," I calmly tell her, "a clutter of shuffled papers, candy wrappers, and names you have long forgotten. Your room is far colder than the rest of this house. Your window is not to blame. It may be February still, but it is warmer outside than where we are standing. Well, at least it was, but now I am comfortable. I feel full. I think these shelves are the difference. I think these shelves are here to help."

"I never wished for help!" she snaps, finally on the verge of breaking. "I only wish for things that I know can happen. I cannot be helped, Alex, let alone by a shelf!"

"That is not the point of a wish," I counter, holding her by the shoulders and pulling her close. "A wish is allowed to be selfish, impossible even! A wish should be a miracle."

"What would you know about wishing?! You never wish for anything anymore! You mean to tell me these shelves are miraculous?! That is stupid, Alex. Stupid!"

There. A little present for you, but now we must venture back to the present. Sorry. Truthfully, I am, but we cannot live in screenplays forever. Sometimes our lives are simply not poetic enough. This is nice. Talking like a normal person talks. It feels so relieving. I haven't addressed an audience without a flash or a spin in some time now - at least not within an actual episode. Most times I speak this freely are usually during threats of cancellation, but considering how my show is soon to be canceled sometime soon, I have no purpose to end it prematurely. At the same time I do not intend to let it mature any further. If anything really, the show has regressed within itself. I mean, I am quoting a good length of a previous episode within this episode. What does that say about ratings? For instance, The Office (NBC) had "great ratings" for their last episode, but all that episode did was recap "the best of" moments from other episodes - even some from other seasons! Luckily this is an 8,760/365 show (as opposed to a 24/7 in-season show (which also do not exist)). We truly are topnotch here.

ASIDE: Maybe The Alex Show should be moved to NBC. Then no one will be surprised when we get taken off the air.

Unfortunately, I am referring to quotes from this time last year because my show AKA my "life" is not nearly as exciting as it used to be, and now with yet another lead role doing bigger and better things, I do not know if me, myself, and I will be enough to keep you occupied. A humble thanks to any of you who still stop by and say hi from time to time. It's good to know that at least one person is tuning in to read what I have to say about my so-called life. That was a television show, too, right? My So-Called Life? Anyways, I really have nothing else to say... not like I really had anything to say to begin with, so I will leave you with this thought: I have given up on miracles. Is this growing up?

- afm


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