Sunday, February 28, 2010

time holds the truth in a lifetime of fiction

if it's change that you want then you better hit the streets/ you can sleep in the ground or in bags/ for as far as im concerned this is all for the best/ if you're gone then the household is blessed/ carry the cancer/ distribute as planned/ unaware that the contents have drowned these hands/ in these hands i hold wisdom that withers to sand/ like dust after fleeing from skin/ here within my tarnished casing/ don't ask me what i am becoming

this cancer has shifted from ridden to worse/ it has moved from my throat to my heart/ if you're searching for answers then tap out the hearse/ before my infection departs with my body/ with each filling/ fill me up till my voice starts to burst past the boundaries/ send the billing/ to my nearest of kin/ here within my abandoned building/ don't ask me what i am becoming

oh, i bet they'll be here any minute now/ with interest in my troubled fate/ but not for the passing of my timely existence/ but more for my rising estate/ here within my abundant decay/ don't ask me what i am becoming

"where have you been?
where have you been?!"/ a silent reply as i take it on the chin/ "don't worry, doc/ we'll take him from here"/ a lock of the door and a "hold still, amor/ disappear! disappear! disappear!"

- afm

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