Monday, February 16, 2015

a walk below the surface

i've been playing with fire for so long/ burning bridges and turning heads/ the spectators speculate from a close distance/ and debate whether the flames are in need of assistance/ he'll land in the ocean/ a neutral notion on the attack/ shrugging shoulders and turning back/ i never learned how to swim/ i never thought of the advantage/ i was thrown in the pool, but my limbs would protest/ striking the slippery, salty, cerulean surface/ sinking with all that i possess/ i realized the importance, but it served no purpose/ my riches abundant, yet nothing proved buoyant/ swiftly swept under the violent torrent/ it came in waves/ measures of happiness measured by the current/ but lacking the oxygen i need and the confidence to breathe/ a tangible currency/ but feeling nothing beneath/ my feet reached the sand, but i was far from the shore/ supply and demand were valued no more

- afm

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