Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Wait Is Endless, The Weight Tremendous

The gate was left open with malicious intent.
Your fate was not chosen, but a business assent.
Lead and be followed by the hollow adherent.
Open and swallow to be coherent,
Or choke on the bottle and pretend that you demand it.
Reckless abandonment, for your life is but an instant,
Yet we're hung up on the news and the views it elicits.
Dazed and confused, crazed then induced.
Sedate the abstruse like slaves in the noose.
A door to door census bearing questions that are senseless,
Yielding well-constructed answers with no ounce of sentiment.
The air we ingest grows thin from embellishment.
We'll charge by the breath to cover the deficit.
We're building buildings on buildings with rooms made for elephants,
And sending the billing to tombs of unfortunates.
Desolate inhabitants of arrogant gentlemen
Healing the world for extravagant elements.
Marble and granite are granted to skeletons,
Succumbing the manic with middling medicine.
The slate was made broken. You wiped it clean just for profit.
The gate was left open, and we refuse to close it.
You can blame it on the government or Jesus of Nazareth,
But at the end of the day it's your reflection where the mirror sits.
There's no emergency entrance, only a mandatory exit.
Walk, do not run is the bane of our existence.

- afm

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