Thursday, April 9, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 10


ALEX: There is no need to draw a line between the dark abyss and the brightest light. No matter which direction we look, we still end up blind. Perhaps, it is better to never open our eyes after all. The skies will squall and the porcelain doll you once titled "me" will be spun around the room - like turning tables - and once it hits the wall, I will withdraw.

____: Alex, please. Please don't do this. Where are you going? Please don't go.

ALEX: You can plead to me and cling to me, but what's meant to be is meant to be.

____: What does that even mean? Why are you being so mean?

ALEX: Why are you being? Yes, all of my questions from here are answers, folklore cancer for a nervous tap dancer.

____: You're not even making sense. That's all just bullshit.

ALEX: If it's all just bullshit then you should finally be able to understand me.

____: Please stop doing this. You're just gonna do something stupid only to come back here and apologize. What's the point? Please don't do this!

ALEX: You entreat so selfishly. Yes, you deceit so devilishly. If you were outside, you would know this is too far. There is a point where you have to let go.

____: We passed that point a long time ago, Alex.

ALEX: There is always time to turn back.

____: But you and me are supposedly supposed to be the exception.

ALEX: To what, ____?! The thrills of miscommunication?! Feeling underwhelmed by the spell of tabulation?! Sweet conversation is all that's left when feelings aren't involved. You're a pawn used to aspire, and you're still as fake as God!


to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy


~hails said...
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Gypsy said...

I feel like your some sort of wonderful word jester.

You put words together that shouldn't make sense, but they do, and on top of that they rhyme. It's like watching you juggle a dictionary, tear out the pages, and make a paper mache sculpture of a swan.