Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"The Alex Show" Episode 11


____ 1: Try shooting from under the divan. No, no, no, not sur. You know, like from the head of it, so their heads are directly in sight. Yes, right there is good. Now zoom in from below. Okay, slowly look up, upward angle. Make him appear eminent. More than her dammit! Yes, yes, good. Okay, now hold it still. Still. Still. There it is! Perfect! Okay, I think we got it. Good work, people.


There is no purity here. Everything has been distorted. Colors are not familiar. Orange is nothing unless someone told you that it was orange. Allow me to skip a verse: the word "familiar" means nothing, as well. In fact, "familiar" is now "fairnwjnf." After all, the people decide the facts. I am a people - not a person, but a people - and I have decided that the old word for "fairnwjnf" was the wrong way of saying it all along. My new fact shall be embraced with a sequence of questioning shakes and questionable nods, but regardless, your head will now move in the direction I indirectly direct it.

I sometimes think what it would be like if you were not here. I'm doing that right now actually. Honestly? I cannot even imagine. I do not think that I am ever doing anything of purpose, so without you here - watching, listening, reading, absorbing - none of this would really matter. It would matter to me, I guess. That is the point of it all, right? To assure my viewers that "it" all matters. Don't give up on "it." Don't give in to "it." You are worth "it." "It" is not worth this. Hold onto "it." Just let "it" go. You can do "it." Yes, you! You can do "it," and for yourself and no one else!

ASIDE: "Contradiction" is a pointless word at this point. In fact, "contradiction" never existed, neither did the cat-like animal, Rincdofngdk, from the South African region.

Well, what happens if I cannot reassure you that "it" matters? Will you take note of my mistakes and use them as an example of what-not-to-do, or will my failure be enough for your mind to finally shut off completely?

I'm tired of talking about trees and comparing myself to raindrops and warriors and summits and shit. For once I would like to say something easy to relate to... well, easier (you stupid fucks). I was thinking it, so I may as well say it (or type it, or masturbate, or kill little girls, or fuck you in the eye). You will find out soon enough. You will watch, listen, read, absorb. You will grin and frown, shake and nod, and then you'll find someone else to direct and commentate on (you bored bastards). Maybe you will even settle for some thing or any thing for that matter (yes, they are supposed to be separated, you incompetent shits). Then again, maybe you aren't really here after all, and crazy is only in the mind of the beholder.

to be continued...

- Alexander McCurdy

ps. By the way, not everything is about a girl (you jealous, conceited whores).


Anonymous said...

whattt???? realllyyy???


edukateyourself said...

"not sur"... is that French, or am I mistaken? :D

I like this: "Orange is nothing unless someone told you that it was orange."

hayley said...
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WritersChoices said...

I want to hear more about trees :(

Everything Intangible said...

im not going to analyze this. im not going to criticize it. i just want you to know i read and absorbed.