Thursday, April 2, 2009

this is what makes me intolerable

BOY: Should I take summer classes?

ME: Fuck summer classes. They're like giving a blind man glasses. Bitch should learn braille. It'd be like giving free passes to a convict in jail or selling molasses to a fatass whale.

GIRL: I am takin summer classes... guess I am givin a blind man glasses and givin free passes to a convict in jail and selling molasses to a fatass whale.

ME: Like reciting a tall tale, [girl] retells every detail of the words I exhale, but to no avail like a dog chasing its tail. Epic fail.

GIRL: This Alex dude is a hoot, he just makes me wanna say toot toot.

ME: I'm more than a hoot, I'm acutely astute. I walk down the street - depending on my route - and receive 21 gun salutes. Plus, I'm pretty damn cute. *wink*

BOY: Fag bag...zzz



edukateyourself said...

gun salutes ftw

~hails said...

this is what makes you funny. :D
lol at last line (before p.s.)

~hails said...

lol at me
there's no p.s.

Alex McCurdy said...

yeah, i was about to say... whaaa?