Sunday, January 6, 2013

scribble scribble scri

this is twice now since the last time i was scribbling out the pages that took me ages to write i compiled compilations of endless situations but i defiled the truth i was claiming to find i mistook every gesture as a sardonic motion proving that i think each movement moves around me now what have i proven absolutely nothing nothing other than the fact that i crave to be lonely it's the only way i know how to live it's the only way i can hope to survive because if i ever reach the peak then what more will i seek if there's no more mountain to climb will i perch atop the tallest tree and watch the world move beneath me out of range from its judgment out of control's orbit or better yet will i chase my regrets stand up take a breath and dive dive and let the current take me dive and be a slave to the sky will the wind carry my limbs off to safety or will my body splatter on the ground like a fly on the windshield of a speeding car afar afar afar from the origin of what was in question this is thrice now and even i am uninterested can i be done now i am finished

- afm

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