Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are S Dee Es D

I reside in a restful forest, but it rains relentlessly. The water shifts to the center of shaken scales. I can detain them in my hands, and the driblets will not dribble through. I can drain every drop from every drink and still feel dry. I can be stuck in a storm, sheltered under the sweeping sequence of trees, and still feel stripped. Saturation is sealed in my destiny, but as docile as the determined downfall may be, I still feel deserted in a desert.

- Alexander McCurdy


Anonymous said...

i like the alliteration.
specifically the first sentence.
the title is very clever.

~hailing hails

Gypsy said...

I think people who inflate egos aren't taking the time to think for themselves.

ALC said...

this poem reminds me of a short story in "the illustrated man" by ray bradbury.. i forget what its called though