Saturday, February 21, 2009

bunnies taste yummy when my tummy feels funny

i am biting the jaws of hell. they taste better than they smell.
i am a rehearsed raindrop. i fall without knowing where i will land, but i know how i will spill. i know i will mean everything to the sand, something to a flower, and nothing to the pavement.
i am the dull end of the knife. i am the release you want and the pain you wish to avoid.
i am the edge of a bowl. i cannot cradle the contents, but with your lips, you will drink from me.
i am the skin of a snake. i appear cold and coarse, but with one touch, you will feel my warmth.
i am the reflection in a wishing well. i smile from below, knowing that i am your most exigent desire, but you will have to jump, you will have to sink to reach me.

- Alexander McCurdy


~hailing hails said...
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edukateyourself said...

i like the raindrop line... and i like this one in general :)

Anonymous said...


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